Mimosa Hostilis - Chips

Source: Brazil (Imported Jan 2024)
Location: U.S.A. (Colorado & NYC)

  1KG  =    $  135
  2KG  =    $  258
  3KG  =    $  369
  4KG  =    $  480
  5KG  =    $  570
 10KG  =   $1050
 15KG  =   $1485
 20KG  =   $1920
 30KG  =   $2790
 40KG  =   $3600
 50KG  =   $4350
100KG  =  $8100

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selling Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark for over 10 years, and we have thousands of satisfied customers all over the US. We provide a sustainable and fair trade system with our farmers in Brazil to ensure we plant more than we harvest and that farmers make a decent living. At MhrbUSA, we take pride in providing not only good quality but also unmatched customer service. We ship all orders within the US, and we offer free shipping on all orders along with a tracking number. Our packaging is secured and discreet and sent via USPS.

Top Quality in the US
Our name says it all: We sell Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark within the USA. We do all the hard work, from harvesting the product in Brazil, to importing and handling customs process in the US so our customers don’t have to worry about a thing and don’t have to wait long periods of time to get their Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark.

Mimosa hostilis inner root bark from Brazil. A consistent fine powder for the most efficient extractions.

Finely ground powder releases more tannin.
MHRB is material with an extraordinarily high concentration of tannins. That is why it’s worth our time grinding the root bark so finely. Tanners will love the texture, which at stages of tanning will provide not only tannin, but also friction. Tanners use blades obliquely to remove fatty tissue and flesh from the hide. Afterwards, mimosa comes in to its own, “sanding” the skin and tanning as it goes. If you require a rougher texture mimosa, try our Fine Shredded Mimosa.

Similarly, anyone seeking to get the most pigment per pound (this is one of our most expensive dyes), will appreciate that the hard grind has been done. Smaller test samples are available of both our shredded and ground mimosa hostilis here.

We ship in plain old fashioned biodegradable packaging and even the cellophane bag will degrade in a municipal compost

The best part in the right way.
The highest quality part of each plant (in this case root bark taken from the right depth) is used here, no other part of the plant, so there is no unnecessary plant matter to get in your way.  Our customers return again and again for bespoke professional projects, they appreciate that the very fine-ground powder is so easy to work with.

Packed with tannins.
We supply mimosa hostilis inner root bark for tanning, dyeing and leather work. It’s absolutely packed with skin-preserving tannins. If you want to tan your own hides, this is a rich single-substance source.

Alternative names for mimosa hostilis:
What we call mimosa hostilis, you may hear called a variety of names:

Mimosa tenuiflora
Acacia hostilis
Acacia Jurema
Mimosa cabrera
Mimosa limana
All different names for the same tree (more on Wikipedia).

Our colours, Your vision.
PH and other factors will massively effect final colour. Research the method you want use. Obviously fabric type will be influential, but also temperature and pre-treatments. All of our dyes  can produce a range of colours. How you treat your fabric will have a fundamental effect on the results you produce, read more about natural mordant. 

We do not supply mimosa for human consumption.

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